Broke Down Palace (2015)

Caroline Peters drawing

You can get to Sun Star commune on a gravel road the starts in Oregon and dead-ends in California. The owner built the geodesic dome piecemeal during the early 80’s when he was in his twenties. The drawing was done on this site over the course of 50 hours, and during this time he filled me in on his current and past neighbors, the electronic music performed on instruments he made from modified wheelchairs, his abandoned plans of making the dome into a performing arts venue and then a clinic for people with seasonal affective disorder. And while he lamented the freedom that caused him to run out his life chasing one dream or another, I gradually developed a pictorial record that to me is the residue of his consciousness – petrified over time. Sumi ink on paper, 4′ x 5’6″

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    1. thank so much! they are a big shift from my abstractions in grad school, but life and time took me to unexpected places.

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